PD-powered Mk1 Golf on Speedhunters.com


Superb quality, bespoke fabrication and ‘outside the box’ thinking – this PD-powered Mk1 Golf represents everything Greg Howell stands for. Since its completion the Mk1 Golf has travelled across Europe to just about every car show on the calendar – it’s even been shipped to SEMA in the USA!

2013 saw the Mk1 featured by Speedhunters.com who absolutely loved the blend of OEM styling and upgrades with a unique twist. You can check out the fantastic images and write-up by clicking the following link: http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/03/the-milkman-pd-powered-volkswagen-mki-golf/

-Blog: Ideally needs a couple of stories welcoming the new website and maybe a ‘whats in the workshop’ type post if you’re able to grab a snap? Everything at the minute is previous work so would be good to get some current activity on there.


-Services/Portfolio: Same as above, they’re all active and do their job, but would be ideal if we could give these a refresh somehow.


Going forward it may be worth us popping up for a few hours at some point to get some nice pictures and plan a few blog posts initially to keep the activity going once we launch (will also help with FB/Instagram accounts). Ben, have you kerbed any wheels lately…? Lolz.