Porsche 964 in the Meguiar’s Detailing Bay

Greg’s Porsche 964 has been nicknamed the ‘OCD 964′ thanks to the incredible amount of detail and work involved during the build. With this in mind, a trip to Meguiar’s UK in Daventry was on the cards with the build freshly finished to get the Porsche in the professional Detailing Bay – the most comprehensive way to check a vehicles paintwork and remove any remaining imperfections.

IMG_2509To see what would work best, we tried a few different products on a single panel initially. This allowed us to determine that a three-step process would be best on the paint, first by using the DA Microfibre Cutting Compound followed by Meguiar’s Ultra Finishing Polish and finally Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax for paint protection.

10608085_310542309107479_747998955_nThe Microfibre pad and Cutting Compound applied with our DA system offered the most effective and quickest level of swirl/scratch removal. Once we had removed the scratches and swirls, we then applied the Meguiar’s M205 Ultra Finishing Polish to the paint. We specifically used this product because of the colour of the car. The Ultra Finishing Polish contains polishing oils which added a deep rich gloss, superb reflections and really made the paint pop. As well as containing a large amount of polishing oils the Ultra Finishing Polish contains a small amount of cut to remove any light swirls. Finally we applied Ultimate Wax to seal in the Ultra Finishing Polish and protect the paint from the elements.

IMG_2508We used the DA Polisher to apply all three products to the paint. A Meguiar’s Polishing Pad is the best way to apply the M205 and a Meguiar’s Finishing Pad is used to apply the Ultimate Wax. Microfibre Towels are used to remove any product residue after each application.